Our Menu


Beef tenderloin tartare, capers, anchovies, garlic butter, toasted bread
365 Kč
Snails, garlic-parsley butter, anchovies, snail sauce, fennel, gin pickled gherkins, lemon peel
280 Kč


Chicken broth, chicken meatball, fried noodles, root vegetable, chives
95 Kč
Creamy soup with smoked trout, 63-degree egg, dill, pickled mushrooms, trout caviar
125 Kč

Main Dish

Trout roasted on a brown butter, roasted kohlrabi, sour plums, trout caviar, fish sauce
365 Kč
Corn-fed chicken breast, baked onions puree, onion sauce with thyme, pickled mustard seeds, kale, caramelized onion, shallot onion
365 Kč
Fried corn-fed chicken leg, Little Gem lettuce, pickled kohlrabi, radishes, apples, Béarnaise Sauce with tarragon, mashed potatoes
355 Kč
Pork ribs, strong meat sauce, honey paste made of hot pepper, pickles, fried onion, horseradish, buckwheat bread
525 Kč
Pluma Ibérica, roasted cabbage, plums, cabbage croquette, cracklings
395 Kč
Beef tenderloin steak, pressed potatoes, beef tallow, horseradish emulsion, marrow, meat sauce with cherry liqueur
775 Kč
Beef tenderloin in cream sauce, cranberries, dumpling
345 Kč
Roasted asparagus, hollandaise sauce, nut granola, goat cheese
295 Kč
Homemade pasta, mangalitsa fatback, cow cheese, fried onion
315 Kč


Beef tenderloin in cream sauce, cranberries, dumpling
210 Kč
Homemade pasta, sweet butter emulsion, plum jam, homemade cream cheese, sugar, crushed macaroons
165 Kč


Gothaj salami, horseradish emulsion, pickled vegetables, mustard, wheat bread
185 Kč
Lightly smoked Olomouc cheese tartare, vinegar mayonnaise, fried onion, chives
175 Kč
Roasted almonds
80 Kč
85 Kč


Ladyfingers with whipped cream, egg liqueur sauce, cocoa
135 Kč
Sweets (macarons, marshmallows, cookies) /1,3,7,8/
125 Kč
Granita, sorbet of the day
45 Kč

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