History of the Hotel and restaurant Koníček is related to the period of full bloom of craft manufacturing in the area Uherské Hradiště.

Hotel and restaurant Koníček was built in previous historical ground, whose chapter began to be written in about 1872, when brothers Ján and Tomáš Hrčkovi together with Eduard Neugebauer bought old grainer and had built manufacture of luxurious cars and drags.

They turned smith shop to cellar, and above there were other three shops built. Small factory soon began to be well known all around the area thanks to quality of outstanding products. In 1887 they built up other two shops and also established branches in Královo Pole near Brno, where one of the owners Tomáš Hrček had moved.

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In 1898 next extensive smithy was built and machines were implemented with steam drive. At that time there were employed around 30 people. Establishing local railways Uherské Hradiště – Kunovice – Vlárský pass and eliminating drags as traffic instrument out of local hotels, period with worse distribution for factory came. Steam drive was compensated again by manual.

Interesting thing is that also Austro-Hungarian minister of foreign affairs, whose signed Serbian ultimatum in 1914 and initiated First World War, was using drag from Mařatice. Next important customer of the firm was barony of count Berchtold.

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War period was not prosperous, manufacture strongly embedded in. Not until the end of revolution activity had revived again, even that there were mostly cheaper wagons, for butchers, etc manufactured. Strong and modern mount, car was already notified , and they were winning over drags. Even factory had to accommodate for production of vehicle bodies. New machines were purchased and simultaneously electricity was implemented in town. Work in high gear together with 45 workers until 1932, when crisis came and factory had to stop function practically for good.

In 2006 we reconstructed space and built Hotel with stylish restaurant here.

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Current image of Hotel and restaurant Koníček has remained proportion of local traditional structural view of architecture. Hotel and restaurant Koníček offer their customers comfortable accommodation in double rooms with possibility of spare bed. These have there own social interior, bathroom, fridge, TV, phone and possibility of internet connection. Pleasant stylish hotel interior also supplies opportunities to organize conferences, company’s party, family celebrations and weddings in saloons for 40 and 70 people.

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